New Treasurer Needed!

Our current treasurer needs to step down due to increased work responsibilities and her active family. The new treasurer’s term begins upon election-through May 2018. Vawn will help mentor to smooth the transition as the new treasurer takes over these responsibilities:


Responsibilities of treasurer:

  • attend our monthly board meetings
  • give a treasurer’s report at the monthly general meetings
  • pay bills
  • take care of our taxes
  • take care of our state gambling license renewal
  • make a budget at the beginning of the school year to be approved by the board and general assembly
  • have cash boxes prepared for events
  • collect money at events to count and deposit
  • assist sub-committees with checks, deposits, etc.
  • keep a running record of all of our finances.


Interested? Know someone who would be good at this? Please contact our Special Election Committee of Lisa Johnson and Teresa Wheelock. Email to will be forwarded to the committee.


Election February 6, 2017!